Wedding Gold Menu

Meniu Gold


 Salad of eggplant baked in embers, feta and dried tomatoes | Terrine of Gouda cheese in herb crust | Iris with smoked salmon and wakame algae | Chicken meatball in white and black sesame crust | Crackers with smoked Kashkaval cheese and sweet caramelized red onion | Chicken and champignon mushroom salad | Quail egg and edible flower | Lily-shaped Sibiu salami | Tartine with smoked trout | Tomato cone with mousse of chicken liver and fresh raspberries | Duo of pork and beef pastrami | Capresse skewer | Roll of chicken breast and candied apricots

From the sea

Duo of trout fillet and Nile pike perch fillet | Grilled marinated vegetables | Mashed peas and échalote sauce 


Pork-stuffed cabbage rolls | Polenta | Crispy bacon | Sour cream and hot pepper 


 Marinated pork chop and turkey breast roll | Baked potatoes | Green pepper sauce and seasonal salad

Drinks included in the menu

Flat/sparkling mineral water (bottle 0.75l) | Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta (bottle 1.25l) | Coffee (cup 200 ml)

Fruit and nuts

For more information and reservations, we invite you to contact us at 0756 056 401.